• Massage Treatments

    JP utilizes a wide variety of massage techniques, employing the right combination to treat your specific needs.

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  • Meet the Therapist

    JP is a licensed and certified massage therapist with over 30 years experience. He specializes in not only relaxation massage, but medical massage.

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  • Safe, Natural Healing

    Jean-Paul Massage is a realistic alternative for those who want to harness the body's ability to heal itself.

    Experience is key

Jean-Paul Massage & Biomechanical Therapy

Jean Paul Ferragu - Licensed Massage Therapist, Amma Therapist, Fitness Trainer

Jean-Paul Massage & Biomechanical Therapy offers relief for a wide range of health issues, from stress and muscle aches to sports injuries, spine issues and more.  Massage therapy is an all-natural form of therapy that is non-invasive, drug-free, and the only side effects are positive, like relaxation and pain relief.  Massage therapy is gentler than many other alternative therapies, so there is nothing to fear, and everything to gain.

Biomechanical Therapy incorporates movement (exercise) to optimize the specific treatment that each body needs.  Exercise may be aimed toward improving range of motion, flexibility or strength to help overcome the specific injury or condition.

Jean-Paul Ferragu is a licensed and certified massage and biomechanical therapist with a practice in Massapequa, NY.  He has been performing massage therapy and fitness training for countless satisfied clients over the past thirty years.  His practice includes an array of massage and exercise techniques that allow him to tailor the treatment specifically to the needs of each patient.  If your circumstances or condition make it difficult for you to get to Massapequa, Jean-Paul will bring his massage and physical training expertise to you.

While a massage given by Jean-Paul may be very relaxing, his specialty is medical massage, intended to address the health problems of each individual client.  Jean-Paul works with the body, rather than against it, choosing gentler techniques that allow the body to come into proper alignment and muscles to release, rather than trying to power through muscular tension.  This provides positive results without the residual soreness that could ensue from the use of more aggressive techniques.

Medical Massage Can be a Good Alternative

Why live on NSAID's, muscle relaxants and other pain killers when there is an alternative that will address the cause of your discomfort and pain rather than just the symptoms?  Aside from the effects of psychological stress, our bodies are subjected to a multitude of physical stresses every day, including sleeping positions, posture, sitting for long periods, heavy lifting, repetitive motions and more.  Our muscles respond to these stressors with tension, which if untreated, becomes chronic, causing pain and possible disfigurement. Treatment given by a massage expert is often referred to as medical massage, but uses no "medicine" as we know it today, and can help unlock the tension that your body has been storing.

Our Massapequa office is clean and well-appointed, allowing for the comfort and privacy of each and every client.  Located in southeastern Nassau County, we are easy to reach from most parts of Long Island.  The office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please call to make an appointment, as we are unable to accommodate walk-ins at this time.  Appointments may also be available on other days on a limited basis.  If necessary, Jean-Paul can also travel to your location for chair or table massage, whether at your home, nursing home, hospital, office or other location.