About Jean-Paul

jean paul006Jean-Paul Ferragu is an expert massage therapist with over 30 years experience with a wide array of massage therapy  and physical training techniques. Jean-Paul received his initial training in France, where he was certified as a fitness coach for private training, physical therapy and sports medicine from the Frederic Federation for Physical Education Institute.  He continued his studies at both the Philadelphia Spinal Tutorium and the Renaissance Escuela de Bio-Espinologia in Valencia, Spain, where he earned the degree/license of Doctor of Spinology. He has continued to learn and grow his skill set on an ongoing basis.  Jean-Paul is a licensed and certified massage therapist, a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, an International Faculty Member of the Renaissance Escuela de Bio-Espinologia in Spain, and is certified as a fitness trainer by the American College of Sport Medicine and for First Aid by the American Red Cross..

“Healing hands work for those who work hard.”

Considered by many to be a natural healer, he has had impressive results with hundreds of clients over the years. He has worked with professional athletes in various disciplines (including tennis, football and golf) whose ability to earn a living depends upon their ability to compete. He has treated clients with conditions ranging from simple muscular tension to sports injuries, asthma and other breathing disorders and just about anything else you can think of.  Releasing muscular tension to restore free movement and improve blood flow can bring greater function to various bodily systems, making the client more functional and comfortable. So, whether you work hard, play hard or just put a lot of effort into your health and wellness, let the healing hands of Jean-Paul Ferragu work for you.

Massage and Biomechanical Therapy at Your Home or Our Office

Our clean and comfortable office in Massapequa is the ideal location for your massage treatment.  However, for those unwilling or unable to come to our office on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, Jean-Paul can visit your home, hospital or nursing facility during times when we do not have office hours.  If physical training is part of your treatment, your home or office may be a more appropriate location to make it easier for you to incorporate the routine into your life.AMTA-MCTMB-Logo