Biomechanical Therapy

It’s About How the Body Moves

Jean-Paul has been referred to as a biomechanical therapist, physical trainer and personal trainer, in addition to being a massage therapist.  These titles all refer to the way he incorporates movement into his practice.  Jean-Paul teaches his clients to move in keeping with the way the body is supposed to work, building strength and flexibility to reduce pain and restore mobility.

For some clients, biomechanical therapy means having Jean-Paul move the body in ways that helps to release muscular tension without having to apply pressure directly on the muscle.  This technique is particularly helpful in treating areas of the body that are difficult to reach and working with those who have a tendency to bruise easily or are sensitive to strong pressure.  This might be done during a massage session to loosen tight muscles that cause pain or impinge on nerves, or to return body parts to their natural alignment.

For other clients, biomechanical therapy takes the form of private or small group exercise sessions in the privacy of their home where Jean-Paul tailors the program to their age, physical condition and fitness level.  This is not the kind of physical training where a task-master counts reps and pushes you past your limits.  It is gentle and restorative, yet makes progress without the risk of injury that some exercise programs carry.

Fitness at Any Age

Jean-Paul starts with a thorough assessment of where the client stands at the start in terms of health and fitness, then works with their body to bring them to where they want to be.  Whether the desire is to be able to return to function following an illness, injury or surgery, increased stamina, weight loss or improving your golf game, Jean-Paul’s programs are effective enough for pro-football players, but gentle enough for senior citizens.  He firmly believes that one size does not fit all.