Massage Treatments

What to Expect from Your Massage Treatment

massage parphenaliaEvery massage is unique because every massage therapist has his or her own style and every patient has his or her own unique needs.  Jean-Paul is a massage expert with over 30 years experience with a wide range of massage techniques.

In order for a massage to be relaxing, the patient has to be comfortable.  In order to achieve that goal, the table, linens, decor, lighting, music and possibly even the aromas of the room are carefully selected to be soothing, comfortable and relaxing.

Comfort is a Priority During Massage

After meeting the massage therapist, and explaining the issues they wish to have addressed during the massage, the client is typically asked to remove all but their underwear and cover themselves with a blanket or sheet once they are on the massage table. To protect the modesty and privacy of each client, they are draped throughout the massage treatment, which means that they are covered with a sheet or blanket and the only part that is exposed at any given time is the part that is being worked on.  Even clients who are very comfortable with their bodies are required by New York State law to be properly draped, so please don’t undrape yourself.

Each massage is customized based upon the individual needs of the client.  Jean-Paul will generally use a variety of techniques within a single massage session, which includes the following: