acupressureAcupressure is a healing art which has been around for centuries.  When acupressure is included in a  massage, the massage therapist uses moderate to firm pressure, applied with the fingers along the same meridians used in acupuncture, but acupressure uses pressure instead of needles to stimulate the meridians.

Afraid of Needles?

Try Acupressure

Acupressure can help to release muscular tension, increase the flow of blood to the area and improve vitality.  It is especially effective in treating issues arriving from stress.  At times, your massage therapist may teach you how to apply acupressure to specific areas on your own between massage appointments to help keep your symptoms under control from one session to the next.  Acupressure is sometimes referred to a Pressure Point Therapy.  It frees trapped life energy (known in Oriental Medicine as chi or qi) and aids in healing.